Casino Heists: The Most Daring Robberies in Gambling History


Casinos have always been a hotspot for intrigue and excitement, and not just for the games of chance they offer. Over the years, some individuals and groups have tried their luck at a different kind of gambling – robbing casinos. These audacious heists, often involving meticulous planning and daring execution, have captivated the public’s imagination. 

In this blog, we’ll delve into the world of casino heists, recounting some of the most daring robberies in gambling history.

1. The Stardust Heist (1992)

In September 1992, the Stardust Resort and slot online Casino in Las Vegas fell victim to a meticulously planned heist that netted the thieves approximately $1 million in cash and chips. The robbers, led by Heather Tallchief, a former armored truck driver for Loomis, executed their plan flawlessly. Using her insider knowledge, Tallchief and her accomplices ambushed their own armored truck and made off with the loot. The heist remained unsolved until 2005 when Heather Tallchief turned herself in.

2. The Bellagio Bandit (2000)

In 2000, a man named Anthony Carleo, later dubbed the “Bellagio Bandit,” made headlines with a daring robbery at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Carleo, disguised in a motorcycle helmet, entered the casino, brandished a handgun, and demanded money from the craps table. He made off with around $1.5 million in chips. However, Carleo’s attempts to cash in the chips ultimately led to his arrest in 2011.

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3. The Ritz Casino Robbery (2004)

Known as one of the most luxurious casinos in London, The Ritz Casino fell victim to a brazen heist in 2004. A group of gamblers, led by Serbian crime boss Mitar Radosavljevic, managed to use hidden technology to cheat at roulette. They walked away with £1.25 million in winnings. This audacious scheme was later uncovered, leading to the arrest and imprisonment of those involved.

4. The Crown Casino Heist (2013)

In 2013, a group of individuals orchestrated a daring heist at the Crown Casino in Melbourne, Australia. Using a combination of spy cameras and sophisticated signaling devices, the team managed to win over $30 million in just eight hands of baccarat. This audacious heist was discovered when casino staff became suspicious of the players’ remarkable luck. Legal proceedings ensued, and the players were ordered to return their ill-gotten gains.

5. The Circus Circus Heist (1993)

In what seemed like a scene straight out of a Hollywood movie, a group of robbers attempted a daring heist at the Circus Circus Casino in Las Vegas in 1993. Disguised as security guards, the group attempted to steal $3 million in cash from the judi slot online casino’s counting room. The heist was foiled when a security guard recognized one of the robbers. A shootout followed, leaving three of the robbers dead and the others arrested.

6. The Banco Central Burglary (2005)

While not a casino heist in the traditional sense, the Banco Central Burglary in Fortaleza, Brazil, deserves mention for its sheer audacity. In 2005, a group of thieves spent months digging a tunnel from a rented house to the Banco Central’s vault. They broke through the vault’s floor and made off with an astounding $70 million in cash. The meticulously planned heist resulted in the capture and imprisonment of several individuals involved, but the mastermind, Antonio Jussivan Alves dos Reis, remains at large.

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Casino heists have long captured the public’s imagination, thanks to their audacity, meticulous planning, and often daring execution. While these criminals may have briefly tasted the sweet fruits of their illegal labor, most of them eventually faced the long arm of the law. As thrilling as these stories may be, we must remember that crime doesn’t pay, and the risks far outweigh the rewards.


While the allure of a casino heist may seem tempting in the world of fiction and movies, the real-life consequences for those involved are often dire. Casinos invest heavily in security measures, making it exceedingly difficult to execute successful robberies. So, if you ever find yourself at a casino, remember that your best bet is to stick to the games and entertainment offered, leaving the daring heists to the realm of Hollywood and history books.