How to Book Flight Ticket Online Now Complete Information

Through this blog, we learn a lot about the difficulties of having a normal life. Today again, we know about How to book flight tickets through a new post.

If you travel, it is very important for you to read this post, because in today’s time, if we have to reach anywhere anytime soon, then we can reach the flight very easily and quickly.

In today’s time, there is a lockdown in the whole world, due to which we have a lot of difficulties in going from one place to another because all the trains are closed due to Coronavirus and few trains are running. So if we have to go from one city to another city, then the flight is the only facility through which we can travel very easily and quickly.

How to Book Flight Ticket Online

If we have to go to any place in the world, then the flight is the only means through which we can go and come to any city in the world. But we all know that if we want to travel by train or ship, then the first ticket has to be booked for that, only then we can travel by air.

At this time all of us should know about how to book tickets online. We can book both train and flight tickets online with the help of our phone and computer, for this, we will not have to go anywhere.

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If we book our ticket through an agent, then we have to pay a lot for it, but now it will not happen. The purpose of this post is that any common person who does not even know how to book tickets can book tickets very easily after reading this post.

Book Flight Ticket

There are many different ways to book flights, through which we can book tickets online. We can book tickets in two ways. We can also book our flight tickets through the ticket booking agent, but it will cost you more money. With the help of our phone and computer, we can book flights or all other types of tickets from home, in which only tickets are paid.

In this post, we will learn how to do Flight Ticket Booking online. There is a lot of Trusted website on the Internet for booking flight tickets, through which we can book tickets of any type.

In this post, we will learn about how to do Flight Ticket Booking through Booking.Com is the Trusted Online Ticket Booking Site through which we can book flight tickets.

Book Flight on

Through this website, we can book tickets from almost all countries of the world. is a Trusted Website that supports 45 languages. With the help of this site, you can book flight tickets, car rentals. Hotels can also book hotels. In this post, we will learn about how to do a Flight Ticket Book through

To book an online Flight Ticket, first of all, we have to visit the official website of Booking.Com. Click here to visit the official website or search on Google.

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After visiting the main page of Boking.Com to book flight tickets, click on the icon of “Flights”.After reaching the dashboard of the website, you will see many options, out of which 3 options will appear in the Middle.

In this option, you have to select the route. If you are booking tickets from one city to another, then select the “One-Way” option. If you want to book tickets for the flight to come and go as well, then select the option of “Round-trip”.

Now tell how many people you want to book tickets for.

When booking tickets, we are asked for the class and the ticket price of each class is different, eg business class, economy class, first-class, etc.

  • Now select the airport from? which you want to book the flight.
  • In the option of To? select the nearest airport where you are going.
  • After that, in the option of the depart, choose the date for which you want to book your ticket
  • After filling all the required options, click on the “Search” option.

After clicking on the search button, the list of all the flights that will be on the selected date will be shown, you can select the best flight for yourself using the filter.

How to Book Ticket

To book tickets, click on “View Deals”. The official partner of Booking.Com will be redirected to the website. has a number of booking partners, who together with provide ticket booking facilities in their country.

After all the process is complete, you have to click on the book. After that, the entire detail of the passenger will have to be filled.

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After that payment has to be made. You can make an online payment with the help of a credit card, debit card, and net banking.

After the ticket booking is completed, your ticket is received through your Whatsapp and email.


If you liked the post then do comment. Any type of questions can be asked through the following comment. If you have any questions or assistance regarding ticket booking, you can get official assistance by going to the help page of
There are many websites available on the internet which provide online ticket booking facility, but whenever you book a ticket from any website, gather the necessary information about the website.