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How important it is for all of us to pay road tax in India, we all know that because we cannot drive any car without paying road tax. So today we will get complete information about road tax, like if a person wants to pay road tax online for his vehicle, what he will have to do for it, plus we will know all the ways to pay road tax one by one. ,

We can help pay the road tax of our vehicle, both on our phone and computer, and there is no need to go anywhere for this.

When we buy a vehicle, while buying the car, we have to pay the road tax of our vehicle. Different vehicles have to pay different road taxes, the road tax depends on the cost of the car. Ambulance, bus, three-wheeler, taxi, all these vehicles have to pay road tax according to their price.

What is road tax, why do we have to pay

Do you know we have to pay three types of taxes from bike to car, most people still do not know about it. In the name of road tax, we give three types of tax. We pay toll tax and road tax along with road cess.

1. Road Cess

 Road cess on petrol and diesel is taken by the Government of India, and road-related infrastructures are made from this tax, such as road bridges, underpasses, etc. Road cess is charged by those who use petrol and diesel. Only last year, the government increased the road cess on petrol and diesel by 1 rupee, which has now increased to 10 per liter, that is, we give 10 per liter road cess while filling petrol and diesel in our vehicle.

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2. Road Tax

This tax is taken in most of the countries of the world, if a person buys a vehicle in India, he also has to pay road tax. Road tax is levied towards the state government, and road tax is different in every state, so the cost of Vehicles is also different in every state. When you buy a car from another state and transfer it to your state, then you have to pay tax there too.

If you are thinking, how much is the road tax, then the road tax is different for every vehicle, like if you buy a bike, then you have to pay less road tax, if you buy big Vehicles like a car, bus, truck, you have to pay more road tax for it.

3. Toll Tax

I think all of you will know about toll tax, because whenever we travel far away, we see many toll plazas during the journey, where we have to pay our tax, only after paying tax. We can go beyond toll tax. On 5 December 2008, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highway granted permission to collect tax on toll plazas under the applicable law.

We have to pay three types of taxes at any toll plaza in India, single, double/multiple, and monthly passes. If you travel after taking a single pass, the validity of the single-pass ends as soon as you cross the toll plaza. If you take multiple passes, then its validity is 24 hours. If you build a monthly pass at the toll plaza, then you do not have to pay any toll tax for the months you make it.

How to Pay Road Tax Online 2021

Till now we have understood everything related to what is Road Tax, now if a person wants to pay the road tax of his vehicle then what are the options. The first option is that you can also pay your road tax by going to RTO Office, apart from this we can pay road tax online by ourselves.

How to Pay Road Tax Online Quickly All State | Vahan 40 image 2

To pay the road tax online, first of all, we have to go to the official website.

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Before making the payment, you should have the registration number and chassis number of the vehicle for which you want to pay road tax.

Visit official website

Pay Road Tax Online

Now you have to enter VEHICLE Registration Number, if you already have an account, you can log in with the help of your mobile number and password.

After entering the registration number, click on the process.

Now all the options related to the car will open in front of you, but you have to click on the option of PAY Road Tax.

Mobile On this page you have to enter your vehicle registration number and your mobile number, click on Generate OTP option.

Now OTP will be received on your mobile number, if no OTP is received on your mobile number, then click on the option of Re-Generate OTP. OTP has to be submitted after registering. After submission, a new page will open in front of you.

1.Now you can see the complete details related to the vehicle and the vehicle owner in front of you on your dashboard, after that if you come down a little, then you can also see the total tax there.

2.If you want to pay Monthly Tax, select Monthly, select Yearly to pay road tax for the whole year.

How to Pay Road Tax Online Quickly All State | Vahan 40 image 1

३.To pay tax, click on the option of PAYMENT, after that you will be redirected to the payment page.

4.You can help with SBI E-Pay payment. After you pay the road tax, after that you can download the receipt.

Along with the road tax payment, we get the official website of the transport, as well as many other facilities like you can link or update your mobile number in your RC. So let’s see how we can link our mobile number with the RC of our vehicle.

  1. To link, first, go to the official site of Parivahan.
  2. Enter your vehicle registration number on the right side
  3. Click On process
  4. Click on Update Mobile Number
  5. Enter registration number, engine number, check number,
  6. Click on the Show Details option
  7. Now the vehicle will get full details in front of you
  8. Enter your mobile number
  9. Click on Generate OTP option
  10. Enter the OTP received on the mobile number
  11. Click on the Save Details option
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When you complete all the processes by following, then your mobile number is linked with your vehicle. If your mobile number is not linked with RC then it has a lot of disadvantages. For example, if your mobile number is not linked with RC, then you will not receive any kind of information sent by the government.

If your mobile number is linked to RC, then you get updates from the government through the mobile number. If your mobile number is not linked to the vehicle, you cannot pay your vehicle’s road tax online.

Know You Application Status

We can also check the status of our application online through the official portal of Vahan 4.0. If you have applied for anything related to the vehicle online, and you want to check the status of your application, then it is absolutely easy.

To know the application status, first, visit Vahan 4.0 official site.

  1. Go to the status tab
  2. Click on Know You Application Status
  3. Enter your application number
  4. Click on submit button to view the status of your application

Know Your Payment Transaction Status

You have made your vehicle’s road tax or any other payment online, now you want to see the status of your payment, whether your payment has been completed or not, then to see the status of your payment online, please take the step given by us Follow

  1. Visit Vahan 4.0 official website
  2. Click on the status tab at the top
  3. Click on Know You Payment Transaction Status
  4. To see the status of payment, enter Transaction id/Payment id/Registration Number, etc.
  5. Click the search button
  6. Below you can see all the details related to your Transaction.

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Pay Road tax FAQs

You must have understood all the information related to how you pay Road Tax Online, if you still have some questions, you can ask through the following comment, apart from the help of the number on the official website of the website Parivah 4.0. You can also get help.

Below we have tried our best to answer some of your questions, hope you get the answers to your question. So let’s see what those questions are asked by most people.

How to Pay Road Tax Online Quickly All State | Vahan 40 image 0

Mobile number should be linked to your RC to pay online tax, if your mobile number is not linked, then you can not pay your vehicle tax online.

How to pay vehicle tax online?

To pay a tax on your vehicle, you can pay through the official site of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. For more information related to how to pay vehicle tax, visit our site