PUBG: New State Release Date in India, Check Details, Apk, Registration

Pubg: New State Release Date in India | Download Pubg New State Apk and Android and iOS, Pubg New State Alfa test, Pubg New State Launch Date in India

The news was coming out for a long time, a new game could be launched soon by Pubg Corporation. But now this news is confirmed. Krafton, the South Korean video game company, has developed Pubg Game in the same company. But Pubg Game has been completely banned in India, then all such Pubg Game Lover in India are waiting for Pubg to come to India again, but it has not been done yet.

Pubg New State Release Date

Considering the safety of Indian users, the Government of India has banned Pubg Game forever. But people still hope that PUBG Mobile Game can make a comeback in India, but there are no such opportunities.

For all the Indian game users who have been waiting for the return of the Pubg Game to India for a long time, very big news is coming out for them because the South Korean company is going to launch a new game recently and its announcement.

Has also done and the name of the game is PUBG NEW STATE | The trailer of this game has also been launched and the pre-registration of the game has also started.

Pubg: New State Game Overview

Article Pubg New State Release Date in India
Type Video Game
Series Player Unknown Battlegrounds
Platform Android/IOS
Genres Battle royale game, Survival game, Third-person shooter
Release Date 11 November 2021
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Pubg New State to be launched soon

Yes, this news is right, Krafton Company has done an official announcement of their new game Pubg New State, and Pre-registration of this game has started, it can be pre-registered by going to Play Store now, but if you can If you are from India, you can not do pre-registration for Pubg New State Game right now, there is not one but many reasons behind it. So let’s see why we cannot pre-registration Pubg Game in India through Play Store.

If you open the Play Store in your phone and search for Pubg New State then you will not get to see anything there, yet Pre-Registration for Pubg New State Game for India has not been started.

PUBG New State System Requirement Android

Ever since Krafton has announced the release of PUBG New State Game in India, the question of many people is will I be able to play PUBG New State game on my phone. If you have Android Smartphone then this should be System Requirement for it.

  • 64-bit processor
  • Minimum 4 GB RAM
  • Android 7.0 Higher
  • 32 GB Storage

What is Pubg New State Game

Recently Krafton Company has announced PUBG NEW State which is also being called Pubg Game 2 as it is another game like Pubg, which can be launched soon. Pre-registration of Pubg New State Game has started. | It is expected that Krafton Company can launch this game in India soon. It is a completely different game from the old Pubg, so this game is expected to be launched in India.

Pubg New State Game is a Battle Royal game just like Pubg, but it is completely different from the old Pubg as the game is based in 2051. These games are Pubg New State 2051, so this game has been made in advance. In this, you will get to see everything new, like in Pubg New State Game, you will get to see new weapons, new maps, high-quality graphics, etc.

What is special in Pubg New State Game

Because the game has not been released yet, only the game trailer has been launched, so no one is fully aware of how the game is going to be, but according to the trailer, a lot about Pubg New State Game Get information.

PUBG New State game is much more advanced than the old game because in this game you will get to see such weapons, which will not be seen in the old pubg game. Apart from all these, within the Pubg New State Game, you will also get to see drones and high-tech vehicles.

In the game, you will get to see a new map along with high-quality graphics.

Pubg will be based on the Survival of the New State Next Generation. Regarding this, the developers say that players have to collect a variety of advanced devices and weapons, including drones and combat rolls, to stay in the game.

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PUBG: New State Release Date in India

The most awaited game in the whole world including India is going to be released soon. Yes, Krafton, which is the developer of Pubg New State Game, is going to launch its new game Pubg: New State in India soon. An official statement has been issued by Krafton regarding Pubg New State Release Date. Pubg New State Game will be released in 200 countries including India on 11th November. Pubg: New State game will be released on November 11 on both Android users and iOS users.

Pubg New State Game Pre-Registration Start

If you are not from India, you can do pre-registration of the Pubg New State Game, because right now this game is not available for Indian users. But as soon as this game is available for Indian users on the Play Store, you can easily pre-register Pubg New State Game.

To do pre-registration, you have to follow the step very easily, so let us now see how you can pre-register Pubg New State 2051.

  1. First of all open the Google Play Store on your phone
  2. Search: Pubg New State
  3. At the top, you will see the game
  4. Click above the game
  5. Below you have to click on the option of Pre-Registration.

After following all these processes, your pre-registration is successfully completed, now you do not have to do much, you will know as soon as Pubg New State Game is available on the Play Store.

Pubg New State Game Pre Order Trailer

Pubg New State Game New Trailer

Today a lot of such websites exist on the Internet, which claims to provide you with the Pubg New State Game Apk, but this is totally wrong, not because Pubg New State Mobile Game has not been released yet, but as soon as PubG New State Game is released, you can download the game directly by going to the Play Store.

The entire process of how to download Pubg New State Game has been given below. As soon as the Pubg New State Game is released, its complete details will be found on our website.

How to Download PUBG New State Game, Android Letest Version

So as I have told you, there are many websites that ask you to click on the Pubg New State Game download link, but so far only the Pubg New State Pre Order Trailer has been released by the Krafton Company. But as soon as the game is released on the play store, you can download the Pubg New State Game by following this method.

Like This -Download Pubg New State Game Now link Here

  • Open the play store on your phone
  • Searching  Pubg New State Game
  • You will see the game at the top of the list
  • Click on the game above.
  • To download the game, click on the download button
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Before downloading Pubg New State Game, you have to keep a few things in mind, as Pubg New State Game comes with High Graphics, so the size of this game will be around 2 Gb, so with at least 4 Gb Ram in your phone. There should also be a process with high power efficiency.

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Pubg New State For Apple, iOS User

So far, Pubg New State Game is available for pre-registration only on the Play Store for Android users. If you are an iOS user, you cannot pre-register this game because pre-registration of Apple Device has not started but soon. All the Apple iOS users will also be able to do their pre-registration.

  • To download iOS user pre-registration or Pubg New State Game, one has to go to the App Store.
  • Search pubg new state
  • Click on the official game of Pubg New State.
  • Click download button to download

But remember that this method will be reduced only when the Pubg New State Game is released. Because this game has not been released yet, but hopefully, the game users will be able to use it till the last month of the next month.

PUBG New State 2021 Update

The new PUBG New State has been announced by the PUBG Corporation, since then there is a lot of craze among the people about this game. If we talk about PUBG New State Release Date, then no announcement has been issued by Krafton company to launch it in India.

Recently, the developer released its alpha testing in the US. Now it has announced that PUBG New State is going to stop its alpha testing in a week.

With the conclusion of PUBG: NEW STATE’s Closed Alpha, we’re happy to announce that we have also exceeded 17 million pre-registrations!

We want to thank everyone for the amazing support, which allowed us to reach this incredible feat.

Pre-register now:


Pubg new state Alpha Testing was released only in America on June 11, which was to be closed within just 1 week, soon Krafton is going to release Alpha Testing in other countries.


There is very good news for PUBG Lovers. Because the lunch teaser of PUBG: NEW STATE has been released by Krafton. Hopefully, this game will also be released officially soon. Earlier the game was released on June 11 but was closed within 1 week. Those who have been waiting for PUBG: NEW STATE for a long time can see the launch teaser below.

When will the PUBG New State game be launched in India?

Recently the company has launched the Battleground Mobile India game in India, Company Lanch Pubg: New State Game in India 11 November 2021.

Can I do Pre-registration?

Pubg New State pre-registration has not been started in India, so you cannot do pre-registration.

What is pubg new state official website?

More Information Visit Pubg New state Official Website

When will Pubg new State Game release for iOS?

Krafton has officially announced that the Pubg New State game will be released worldwide on November 11. This game will be released simultaneously on both Android and iOS platforms.