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Paytm FAStag Customer Care Number, Buy Paytm FAStag Online | What is FAStag and What are the Benefit of Paytm FAStag

Today’s topic is what is Fastag, and why it is important to have it. Yes, if you travel from one city to another city on National Highway, then you must have heard about the board of Fastag. So today what is Paytm Fastag and how can we create a fastag for our vehicle?

Road rules are changing in the year 2021 The Ministry of Road Transport and Highway has made Fastag mandatory for all vehicles in the year 2021. Earlier when we used to have a toll plaza during the journey on the national highway, we had to pay cash in the form of toll tax, but now it will not happen, the road transport ministry has made it mandatory for all vehicles to have fast tags on their vehicles. Have given

What is fastag

FAStag is like a unique BAR code, which is mounted on the windscreen of vehicles crossing the toll plaza. When a vehicle goes to the toll plaza, the sensor on the toll plaza scans the FAStag on the vehicle, then the toll Tax is deducted through FAStag Account.

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So without stopping at the toll plaza in this way, we can pay toll tax through FAStag, when your FAStag account runs out of money, after that we have to recharge our FAStag. We can recharge FAStag through Paytm, apart from this we can also recharge FAStag through UPI/Debit Card/Credit Card.

How FAStag works 

Most people are not aware of the FAStag yet, so you will not understand how FAStag works. The FAStag is fitted with RFI (Radio Frequency Identification) and the FAStag is mounted on the windscreen of the vehicle. When the vehicle reaches the sensor on the toll plaza, after that the sensor scans the FAStag on the vehicle and after that, the amount of toll tax is deducted from the FAStag.

So in this way any vehicle can stop paying toll tax through FAStag without stopping at the toll plaza. Like I told you, you have to recharge your FAStag. The validity of any FAStag is up to 5 years, after that, we have to get a new Fastag.

When is it necessary to install FAStag?

FAStag is going to be mandatory in the entire country from 15 February. The National Highway Authority of India is going to implement FAStag at all toll plazas across the country, that is, no vehicle will pass through toll plazas without FAStag.

The government is going to implement FAStag technology at all toll plazas in the country to make toll tax collection even easier.

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If you have not yet installed FASTag on your vehicle, you can order FAStag for the vehicle sitting at home by following the steps mentioned in this post. Apart from this, we will also know about how to recharge Paytm FAStag.

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What are the benefits of FAStag?

  • FASTag is the biggest advantage of using, toll plazas do not have to be lined,
  • No cash will be required to pay toll tax
  • Will save time
  • Pollution will reduce
  • Big trains will no longer have to stop at toll plazas
  • This will be a big step in the digital India mission
  • Fuel savings in vehicles
  • Vehicles like ambulances will not have to stop
  • Paper usage will reduce drastically
  • Small vehicles will be able to cross the toll plaza quickly.

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How to buy FASTag

We can buy FAStag offline by visiting the POS location. Apart from this, we can also buy FAStag online. If you buy FAStag offline through a bank, then you may have to put it in a long line. The process of purchasing FAStag online is different, you can buy online Fastag from Paytm, if you use the online banking service of another bank, then you can buy FAStag online from there also.

So let’s see how you can Buy FAStag online from PAYTM.

The process of applying FAStag by Paytm is absolutely easy, for this you must first open your phone Paytm App.

When you open aytm, after that we have to click on the tab of FAStag. After this a new tab opens in front of us.

Here you get two options to apply FAStag.

  1. Buy FAStag For Car/Jeep/VAN
  2. Get Commercial FAStag

If you have a small vehicle such as a car, jeep, or van, select the first option for it

If you have a big transport car-like bus-truck etc. then you have to choose the SECOND option for that.

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  1. Select Vehicle Registration Number
  2. Upload the fornt photo of the vehicle’s RC
  3. Upload photo of RC back of the vehicle
  4. Select your delivery address
  5. Click on the Buy button
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When you buy FAStag after that FAStag is sent to your address within 7 days. Now if we talk about FAStag Charges, then for FAStag you will have to pay Rs 300 to 500.

How to Recharge Paytm FAStag

When we buy Paytm FAStag, it connects with our Paytm Wallet and when we pay toll tax, then our Paytm wallet gets deducted.

If you want to add money to your FAStag, then for that you have to click on Add Money to Paytm FAStag in the Paytm App.

After that, you can add as much money as you want to add to your Paytm FAStag from your bank. If you want, you can also recharge another bank’s FAStag by clicking on the Recharge tab.

High Security Number Plate (HSRP)

Paytm FAStag Customer Care

Paytm FAStag service is better than any other FAStag Provider, besides, Paytm FAStag is being liked by the people the most. According to a survey, most people use Paytm FAStag. Paytm FAStag Customer Service is getting the best. You can get any kind of help at any time by calling Paytm FAStag Customer Care Toll Free Number.

You can reach Paytm FASTag Customer Support at
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Paytm FAStag FAQs

What if not FAStag?

FAStag has become mandatory on all toll plazas in the country from February 15, if FAStag is not imposed on your vehicle, then you will have to pay double tax.

Can I buy FAStag from a bank?

If you want to make FAStag offline from any bank, for that you will have to go to the bank, you will have to give all the documents to get the FAStag from offline bank.

How much does it cost to buy FAStag online?

If you apply online for Paytm FAStag, then you will have to pay Rs 350. But if you apply FAStag for Commercial vehicles, then you may be charged more there.

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