(PDF) SBI RTGS Form Download 2022: RTGS, NEFT Application Form

(PDF) SBI RTGS Form Download 2022: RTGS, NEFT Application Form photo 3 Info

SBI RTGS Form Download 2022, SBI rtgs Charge | SBI RTGS/NEFT PDF Application Form Download | rtgs form

In this post, we are going to know in full detail how to download the SBI RTGS Form and how to fill the SBI RTGS form. Also, what is RTGS will also understand in detail related to it. If you transfer money from one bank to another offline or online, then it is very important to have complete information about RTGS. So let us first understand what is RTGS, and how it helps us in transferring money from one bank to another, after that we will also know about SBI RTGS FORM OR SBI NEFT.

What is RTGS and how does it work?

We will try to explain this in very simple language. First of all, let us know, the full form of RTGS is “Real Time Gross Settlement” and we use this method to transfer money from one bank to another.

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This facility is used in both online and offline fund transfer, any person can use the SBI RTGS form to transfer money up to 2 lakhs. RTGS is the fastest way to transfer money from one bank to another. When the sender sends money to another person’s bank using the service of RTGS, then the money sent by the sender reaches the person’s account immediately.

That is, if you want to send an amount of Rs 2 lakh or more to a person’s bank account immediately, then you can use SBI Offline or Online RTGS.

Difference Between SBI RTGS or SBI NEFT

If you are a State Bank user or you have accounts in any other, then money can be transferred from one bank to another in two ways. If a person transfers money to another bank through NEFT, then it takes some time for the money to reach the other account, but if a person sends money to another bank through RTGS, then the money will be transferred to another bank within 30 minutes. accesses the account. Therefore, rtgs are considered to be the most reliable option to transfer large amounts from one bank to another.

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  • Money sent through NEFT does not reach the bank account quickly
  • Money sent through RTGS reaches from one bank to another within 30 minutes.
  • There is no limit to transfer money through NEFT, but the RTGS form is filled when we have to transfer 2 lakh or more money.
  • The time limit for money transfer through RTGS is from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm and the time limit for transferring money in NEFT is from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm.
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SBI RTGS PDF Form Download

If you want to Download SBI RTGS Form, then its direct link is given below, by clicking on which the form can be downloaded. If you do not want to Download SBI RTGS Form, then you can also get it through your nearest SBI Branch.

SBI RTGS Form Download link is below, click to download RTGS Form


SBI RTGS Form pdf Key highlights

Form Name SBI RTGS Form
Bank Name SBI – State Bank of India
Use of form Money Transfer
Language English
Form PDF Download Link
RTGS Official Webite SBI RTGS

How to fill SBI RTGS Form?

Most of the people are unable to fill the RTGS Form after visiting the bank, so we have told below how to fill the SBI RTGS Form. When you go to fill the RTGS Form, many types of information are asked from you in form. If you fill in any information wrong in the form then your SBI RTGS Form will not be accepted. In this case, you will have to fill SBI RTGS Form again.

While filling the SBI RTGS form, the beneficiary’s account name, beneficiary’s bank name, beneficiary’s IFSC code, complete beneficiary details like name, address, etc., and the amount to be transferred, have to be entered along with the date and time without any mistake. The signature has to be filled in.

After this, after filling the SBI RTGS Form, the form will have to be submitted at the counter, after which the RTGS Form will be uploaded on the computer by the bank officer, after which the process of transfer will start.

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Important Information

If the amount to be transferred is more than 2 then in that case the sender will have to submit the check leaf along with the RTGS form.Beneficiary information such as beneficiary name, account number and account type, IFSC etc., should be available with the remitter at the time of filling the form

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SBI RTGS Transfer Fee

If we talk about the prescribed fee for the State Bank of India RTGS Fund Transfer, then no fee has been prescribed for this. That is, banks can charge RTGS fees according to their own.

Many banks do not charge RTGS or NEFT transfers of 1 lakh or more. But SBI RTGS Transfer charges are usually between Rs 26 to Rs 56. The more amount you will transfer through RTGS, the higher will be the fee.

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How much SBI rtgs limit for new beneficiary?

New beneficiary within 4 days of being added and activated Rs. Funds can be transferred up to 5,00,000.

What are the service charges applicable for RTGS/NEFT transactions?

No service charge has been prescribed for this.

What is the minimum amount I can transfer through sbi rtgs

We can transfer minimum 2 lakhs and maximum 10 lakhs through SBI RTGS.

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